How it works

How does it work

The power behind hypochlorous acid

Kills 99.999%

Of all bacteria, viruses and spores & fungi

Because our products are produced in a neutral PH value, they easily pass into the bacteria cell. Once inside, they destroy the bacteria, viruses or spores, and eliminate the source of infection.

Safe for both you and the environment

Made from only natural ingredients

The product contains no chemicals or alcohol – only natural ingredients.

Disinfection with resistance

Naturally occurring in our white blood cells

Hypochlorous acid forms a large part of the immune system of every person and is found naturally in our bodies to fight infections and promote healing. HOCl (hypochlorous acid) is safe for topical use on the skin.

Purifies water

Both for water treatment plants and filters

We offert customized solutions for different needs of water
treatment plants and filters.